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...even if you have ZERO followers and
complete beginner!

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ProducerGram is a 110% value-packed guide and digital asset bundle that will exactly show you 
how to build a REAL engaged fanbase on Instagram as a music producer.



Ready to Discover The Real Secret Of

Building A Die-Hard Fanbase On Instagram  

As A Music Producer?

...even if you have ZERO followers and 
complete beginner!

STOP looking for hacks to trick the algorithm... I have an important message for you about #1 thing  you’re missing from having success on Instagram 👇

You thought growing your fanbase on Instagram was going to be easy. 
It seems like everyone could do that, right? 🤔

Just follow a bunch of people and hope that they will follow you back...

Use those popular “story viewing” bots and followers will magically appear or hope that one of your posts will go viral and you will get thousands of new followers overnight.

Problem with that... 👇
❌Neither of those “strategies” work ❌
and honestly it’s an exact recipe for a disaster... 

First and foremost, Instagram tracks everything and exactly knows if you’re using any bots or tools to fake engagement...

...it’s only the matter of time when they will have “enough” to remove you from their platform and frankly… 

using those fake tools have ZERO value to you since...
 People don’t care about you or your music.
Now... I'm NOT saying that your music is bad. 

In fact, most of the artists have great music! 🎹
..but utilizing shady tactics to grow your fanbase is not going to help you because...

People you bring this way have ZERO interest in you or your music.
They just want to increase their follower count. That's it.
Secondly, you know that just hoping that one of your posts will go viral is the least effective strategy, right?

I mean… 

...the competition is so high that it literally never happens unless you’re already famous (since you’re looking for a solution I assume you’re not...)

So it honestly seems like growing a real fanbase on Instagram is impossible and..
"the algorithm only works AGAINST you! "
This is exactly what I thought two years ago…  😩

No matter how many YouTube tutorials I’ve watched or “growth hacking” eBooks I’ve read...

none of them actually helped me to crack the code on Instagram growth…

...and the majority of them just blatantly pushed their “magical” software which promised the world (none of them actually worked :/)

Maybe you’ve felt the same way before? 👇

  • Maybe you actually tried those “magical” software and they didn't work?
  • Maybe you’ve given up because it seems like it’s impossible to grow?
  • Maybe you got tired of constant algorithm updates which make everything harder each time?
  • Maybe you tried to grow without any fake stuff but got discouraged since nobody is seeing your posts?
  • Maybe you don’t even know where to start since you don’t know what to post or how to create content?
After trying so many “solutions” I was ready to give up on growing my audience on Instagram.

👉 Until one day I decided that instead of listening to all those “Instagram Growth Gurus” I would study people who actually have huge brands and successful businesses.

I would read their marketing books, study how they operate, model what they’re doing, content, engagement, I would actually follow their advice.

Quickly I discovered #1 thing I was missing...
...which was having a real PROVEN strategy 👈
I was a bit skeptical at first... but only 14 days later I’ve grown my fanbase by...
Over 1,000 new and REAL people who actually care about what I do! 🤯
I thought it may be luck but a year later I still consistently bring in new people to my brand and my Instagram profile is booming! 🚀

Hey, I'm JMPRZ!

Music producer, entrepreneur and overall crazy person. 

After working with seven figure businesses in the music industry, creating/curating over 1,000+ posts with captions and hashtags in different niches also spending insane amounts of time on Instagram and social media channels actively analyzing content you begin to understand how social media really works...

To be completely honest... Most producers got it wrong.

❌ It's NOT about getting billions of followers...
❌ It's NOT about going viral (although it feels pretty cool, not gonna lie)
❌ It's NOT about flexing your stuff and showing how awesome you are (*psst! No one cares...)

So what is it?

It's all about building YOUR loyal fanbase, which will...

...follow you everywhere.
...buy your merch, beats and other products.
...watch and engage with your content.
...listen to your music.

What's the point of getting 50k, 200k or millions of followers if no one cares about your or your music? 

I decided to go with a little bit different approach...
Unlike other programs that rely on shady tactics, this solution works because it focuses on ever-green marketing strategies which have been used by big brands and works no matter how algorithm changes.

As you know building a fanbase as an artist is one of the most crucial parts of your career because...

Everything you do heavily focuses on your people and their support. 
Music, shows, merchandise… Nothing will happen if your followers don’t care about you

👉 You need to have REAL fans 👈
(not just followers)
Imagine if you could bring new people each day who will listen to your music, buy your products, attend your events.... with numbers like this 👇

over 1,000,000 impressions in a week as a music producer!

Wouldn't it be awesome!? 🤩
So many people forget that behind each “follower” there is an actual human being and it’s your job to make them your fans.

People started asking me for help and that’s when I decided to create a NON-BS guide to help other producers have the same results 🚀


ProducerGram is a 110% value-packed guide and digital asset bundle that will exactly show you how to build a REAL engaged fanbase on Instagram as a music producer.

NO Bots, NO Fake Stuff, NO BS

The perfect training for all music producers, beatmakers, composers, musicians and any sort of music makers! 🎹

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build your real engaged fanbase on Instagram (so you can promote your music, product or even an event)
  • Enhance your growth and engagement by using RIGHT hashtags  (no more saying “hashtags don’t work anymore”)
  • Avoid 7 DEADLY mistakes which kills your growth and reach! (so you could make Instagram algorithm work WITH you, not against YOU)
  • Create a die-hard fans by utilizing the “Golden” Follower Rule (make people actually care about what you do)
  • Make people want to engage and share your content (so your profile will be pushed to reach a lot of new people)
  • ​​Boost your engagement & growth even more and get that unfair advantage over others (perfect for people who want to achieve more with less)
Results from one of the students 5 days after joining the ProducerGram...

-COPP, Music Producer from Denmark

What’s Inside The ProducerGram?

ProducerGram Training Bundle Includes:

 Fanbase Explosion Formula
(value $197)

The secret sauce to successfully grow your real and engaged fanbase on Instagram. You’ll be able to consistently bring new people to your profile and promote your brand. 

Hashtag Mastery Secrets 
(value $97)

In-depth guide on finding perfect hashtags which will actually work and bring a lot of reach for your content. Let’s level up your hashtag game and break the myth of “hashtags don’t work anymore”!

“Golden” Follower Rule
(value $127)

Evergreen strategy which will turn your regular followers into die-hard fans that will actually listen to your music, buy your merchandise and come to your shows. Plus it will show you how to spot existing “Golden” followers and how you can utilize that right now!

Bulletproof Caption Strategy
(value $97)

Want to know secret strategies online marketers use to persuade people into engaging with their content, stories and even ads?! Bulletproof Caption Strategy will allow you to make people want to engage with your content with ease! P.S It's easier than you think...

“7 Reasons You Have Failed In The Past"
(value $49)

Simple yet deadly mistakes a lot of artists do which totally ruins their social media accounts. One simple mistake can totally ruin your account “health”. Fix them as soon as possible so you don’t have to make it harder than it needs to be.

Ethical Algorithm Hacks
(value $97)

Want to get unfair advantage over others and get maximum amounts of followers, reach and engagement? Value packed chapter where I share all of my best secrets, tips & tricks and hacks that I use to crush my competition and get insane results all the time! (no bots, fake followers or any of that fluff…)

+ extra videos, planners, cheatsheets to help you along the way!

Completely FREE Bonuses When You Get Your Copy Of ProducerGram! 👇

 BONUS #1: The Holy “100” Content Idea Bank
(value $49)

Not sure what to post? The Holy “100” will show your ONE HUNDREAD different content ideas for your next post with detailed explanations. Forget about coming up with ideas for your next post… Everything here is done for you!

BONUS #2: “Zero to 10k” Mini Course
(value $247)

Learn exactly how we grew over a 10,000 real engaged followers without any shoutouts or even ads. You can literally just copy the framework that we used and get amazing results yourself!

BONUS #3: Content Dynamite Video Training
(value $97)

Step-by-step video training on how I create my content fast and easy. You will see my process exactly from start to finish so you can skip the long and boring learning curve. Plus I will share the best free & paid tools to use so you can take your content on another level!

BONUS #4: Content Marketing Workshop
(value $64)

Learn the PROVEN way to market your content so you don't have to spend YEARS going through fail and error. Understand the difference between 3 main content types and why you MUST have all of them to successfully growing your fanbase online.

BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE)

(value $47)

BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE)
(value $47)

Dicsover the same strategies I've used to grow this account to over 10k followers (now over 25k)

-Gabe Schillinger, CEO of Legion Beats, Co-Founder of Midi Money

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producers are saying! 👇

My “Producer Pinky Swear” Guarantee!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the ProducerGram after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. Sound fair?
100% RISK-FREE! 👈

Want to start getting results like this?

This offer won’t be around forever…

Listen, people are paying me 40x more to help build their audience for them.

If you wanted to get the same knowledge compressed into one package for a fraction of a price...

This is the opportunity for you!

24 hours after implementing the strategy...

Here’s Everything You’ll Get
Inside ProducerGram

 ProducerGram Training Bundle
(value $616)

 FREE BONUS #1: The Holy “100" Content Idea Bank
(value $49)

 FREE BONUS #2: "Zero to 10k” Mini Course
(value $247)

 FREE BONUS #3: Content Dynamite Video Training
(value $97)

 FREE BONUS #4: Content Marketing Workshop
(value $64)

BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE) (value $47)

BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE)

(value $47)

Total Value: $1,057

Get Started Right Now
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Here is what NoFace Records label manager is saying...

-Denis Hiller, Label Manager of NoFace Records

Here’s the truth:

Listen, you know that you need to have our own fanbase, you know this is a crucial step for your musical career…

Let me share with you all of my knowledge and help you to build your loyal fanbase 🚀

You can settle with what you have now and keep getting what you’re getting now or...

...make a small investment, give it a shot – if it works, awesome. If not, then get your money back. It's risk free!

Don’t miss this opportunity and regret later on! 👋


Join the community of 

Here’s Everything You’ll Get
Inside ProducerGram

 ProducerGram Training Bundle
(value $616)

 FREE BONUS #1: The Holy “100" Content Idea Bank
(value $49)

 FREE BONUS #2: "Zero to 10k” Mini Course
(value $247)

 FREE BONUS #3: "Content Dynamite" Video Training
(value $97)

 FREE BONUS #4: Content Marketing Workshop
(value $64)


BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE) (value $47)

BONUS #4: Personalized Account Growth Optimization Video (FREE)

(value $47)

Total Value: $1,057

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have ZERO followers? Does this product still work?
Absolutely! Doesn’t matter if you're a complete beginner or been doing this for a while. Everything is dialed in to make sense for every level of expertise!
I have watched a lot of YouTube tutorials. How is this different?
Most of the tutorials focus on one specific tip & trick which is not enough if you want to have success for a long term. You need to have a whole strategy if you’re serious about growing your real fanbase. Also, if you’re looking for a solution to grow your fanbase it means that those tutorials probably didn’t really help.
I am a rapper & singer. Is this product still applicable?
Yes, every strategy in this book is ever-green and can work for any niche. It’s main focus is music producers but everything is still applicable for rappers & singers.
I am a beginner producer. Is this product still applicable?
Definitely! Whenever you’re a complete beginner or music production expert this product will show you how to build a genuine following on Instagram.
Do I need any extra tools or software for this to work?
Every strategy can be done without any additional tools or software. There are alternative paid tools to speed up your process but they’re completely optional.
Is the content available immediately?
Yes! All of the content is inside of a members area, ready to go! You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.
What if it’s not what I expected?
If you feel like it’s not the right fit for you… There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t LOVE the product. Simply email me at jmprz@theproducergram.com and I will give you the refund
Can this be accessed without the internet?
Everything is hosted on the online website for the sake of simplicity and convenience but feel free to make a copy of ProducerGram Execution eBook for your own device so you can keep it as long as you wish. *hey, no sharing please*
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